History of the Tie

The tie has its origins in military history.

By way of hors d’oeuvres, a collection of terracotta sculptures discovered in 1974 at Xian, China, gives an idea of the style sported by the Chinese soldiers more than a Millennium ago.

The first emperor of China, Qin Shih Huang, wanted his army to be buried with him, in order to play the role of guard in the afterlife. Fortunately for all the soldiers involved, his advisers persuaded him to be rather manufacture replicas life-size of his troops, that he would serve as protectors for eternity.

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Sleeping Bags: Goose Feather or Synthetic?

One of the questions that plague some adventurers who like to “get in trouble” is the type of sleeping bag that they must take–which would be better from the point of view of the work to take care, heating capacity, time to warm up.Thinking of helping the people who will face a cold one out there I put together a little comparison between the sleeping bags of goose feather and synthetic fibers. Compare and see what is best for your case.

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Get Inspired in 14 Creative Ideas to Reuse Wine Corks

The wine is an eclectic and democratic beverage combines with any occasion, can be tasted or used as an ingredient and add a special flavor to a recipe. It takes everything, the bottles can be used as beautiful flower vases or lamps, and corks can be used to make beautiful pieces of handcrafted decor. Select original and creative ways of 14 to reuse this material. Best of all is that you can do at home without spending much. Get inspired!

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Samsung Presents First Smart Watch

Galaxy Gear allows you to make and receive voice calls, receive notifications and has a camera on bracelet

Berlin (Germany)-the South Korean technology giant Samsung presented Wednesday during the IFA electronics fair, the largest in the world, Galaxy Gear, your first smart watch, dropping in front of of your rival Apple iWatch.

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